SIMONI s.r.l. has been manufacturing brushes for some six generations since the company was founded in 1830. In recent decades the company has specialized in the design and implementation of technical brushes on industrial design or customer request.

Key Features of SIMONI are thus both the great adaptability to the specific needs of the customer (both for large productions or for limited lots of complex brushes) and the ability to propose innovative solutions to customers through its own projects.

A wide range of raw materials is available, and which enables more samples to assess in advance the reliability of a new product. The production department is based on the most modern technologies, to guarantee product quality, ensured by the fact that SIMONI operates under the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2000 (certification obtained in 1999).

In recent years the company has diversified offering the customer as a partner specializing in the treatment of surfaces, resolving issues broader than the case studies covered by industrial brushes. Currently SIMONI offers the following products:



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