Industrial brushes are installed on machines and plants of varying levels of complexity. Whatever the application, the brushes must be supported, fixed, driven, etc. For these operations customers prepare suitable mechanical solutions to enable brushes to function efficiently on their machinery or systems. However, an increasingly large number of customers now tend to ask Simoni to supply these mechanical components, which, when integrated with the brush, form an assembly of complex items without independent movement, known as macrocomponents.

The following are just a few examples of brush macrocomponents:

  • Curves with brush tunnel for conveyance of objects
  • Boot housings to contain machining chips, with integral sheet metal support
  • Belt conveyors
  • Panels for vibrating tables
  • Material unscramblers with brush diverters.

Customers obtain several benefits when they order macrocomponents, for example:

  • More practical to assemble with production time savings
  • Reduced procurement times because the various parts are manufactured and assembled in parallel
  • Smaller number of suppliers to manage
  • Wider range of technical solutions available (e.g. preassembly of parts that could not otherwise be assembled downstream of the tufting operation).

The macrocomponent is an evolution of the brush, so a simple technical drawing from the customer is unlikely to provide sufficient information. The process involves a Simoni design project followed by a customer validation process and finally construction and assembly in compliance with organisational criteria based on the coordination of a large number of process stages.

In order to offer customers really cost-effective brush macrocomponents it’s also important to have a thorough knowledge of the materials. We need to take into account the method of handling of the product, the environmental conditions and the levels of mechanical stress. In addition, different materials are often combined, such as metal cores embedded in plastic, etc. Our experience shows that brush macrocomponents constitute a valid solution for optimisation of our customers’ processes while simultaneously guaranteeing reliable and responsive technical support.

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