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Technical office

Simoni has recently launched a new internal technical office, with engineers and designers and features cutting-edge work tools. We can therefore support the customer with the latest technical solutions and comprehensive construction drawings.

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SUNNY BRUSH - Brush for photovoltaic and solar panels

SUNNY BRUSH is particularly studied for cleaning the photovoltaic and the solar panels. These panels need a frequent cleaning to avoid the efficiency loss due to various dusts. SUNNY BRUSH is modular, in order to fit itself to the different panels one can find on the market. Its main parts are:

Aluminium core, modules of 1.000 mm
Brush D=200 mm in nylon, modules of 100 mm
Connection bushes in POM-C with threaded inserts
Locking collars for the ends.

The modular system allows the user to order a brush of the requested length (several meters too) and to easily mount it also on the roof, by using screws only. Further advantages of the modular system (both core and brushes) are the economy and the easy transport.

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Product traceability

Simoni introduced the procedure in the duty cycle of product traceability for brushes used in the pharmaceutical industry. This will guarantee the observance of the standards increasingly call for the traceability of all materials that come in contact with the product being processed, in our case the filament brush. In this manner Simoni intends to maintain with its customers the close relations of cooperation and technical organization that has always given excellent results.

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Antistatic brushes

The new antistatic brush SAB-1000 is very efficient for the removal of electrostatic charges from the surfaces. The excellent performance is due to the quality of execution and also the innovative filament high electrical conductivity, the Thunderon, more conductive and more versatile than the traditional carbon fiber.

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Conveyor conductive

By using Thunderon, conductive filament-based acrylic, it was possible to achieve a conveyor brush in a position to electrically ground the pieces transported. The bunches of Thunderon are crossed by electricity that is drained on a metal plate for sliding. This new brush can solve many technical problems that use electricity.

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